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Cisco Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Six Interconnected Buildings bisected by an 11-story connected spine building

  • 7,500 SF Cisco display center

  • Gourmet commercial kitchen

  • 600-seat dining facility

  • Underground Thermal Storage

  • Advanced cooling and power systems

  • Completion: 2003

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Project Type: Office Campus

  • Size: 1,100,000 SF

  • Architect: HOK

  • Contractor: J.P.  van Eestereen B.V.

Cisco Systems tasked Cisterra with developing its European headquarters in Amsterdam after finding itself a year behind schedule and having made little progress with its' existing team. Cisterra immediately initiated a site selection process and assembled a very capable team of professionals through the RFQ/RFP process to execute on Cisco's very aggressive growth plan. Cisterra created an integrated project delivery system with appropriate budgets, schedules and reporting procedures. Cisterra further helped Cisco develop and created standard project specifications and benchmarking protocols to assure compliance with Cisco's state of the art research and occupancy requirements across the globe. Cisterra ultimately processed the project through the various municipal, provincial and federal bodies and ultimately delivered the project on time and on budget.


The building features flexible ventilation, flexible interiors using demountable partitions and modular based design for mechanical and electrical systems and 1 interior column-free space to accommodate flexible interior space planning.


Other highly specialized systems include an Underground Thermal Storage (UTS) system, utilizing wells and aquifers for storage of cool and warm water, complete redundancy feeds from off- site electrical utility grids, multiple large computer labs complete with raised floors, redundant cooling and power systems, and a LON Internet (IP) addressable lighting building management controls systems.


A 7,500-square-foot visually stimulating display center showcases Cisco’s technical accomplishments and all of the six have an abundance of natural light. The Commons Buildings includes a fully- equipped gourmet commercial kitchen and has a 600-seat dining facility.

​Cisco's Amsterdam campus functions  as Cisco's European headquarters. The campus includes six interconnected buildings bisected by an 11-story connected spine building.

The European Headquarters for the world leader in IT, network and communications

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